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History of the Parnell's Carolina Curs

The Carolina Curs is a new breed of dog to a lot of you. But actually the breed has been around for about 12 years now. James Parnell of Hartsville, South Carolina started this breed. James, a breeder of Stephens Stock Mountain Curs and Mountain Feists, set out to develop a dog especially suited to hunt squirrels. He wanted to bring the best attributes of both breeds to the forefront and produce a fast starting, easy handling tree dog, which hunted hard, got along with other dogs and was easy to maintain. He wanted dogs with the overall looks of Stephens Stock Curs, but smaller and with bobtails. 

In 1998, the first litter of these dogs was born. The initial breeding involved a Stephens Cur Dam named Kate, and the Sire was a Mountain Feist called Pee Wee. In the next few years, James set out to get characteristics that he wanted in his breed. These dogs have good dispositions, good hunting instincts and lots of drive. Since that first breeding, these dogs are quickly gaining the reputation as excellent squirrel dogs and have become known as Parnell's Carolina Curs (PCC). 

All Curs from James Parnell are guaranteed to run and tree by the time they are 1 year old. 

Contact Information
James Parnell  Home: (843) 332-2975
Cell: (843) 858- 6713  
 Tony DuBose (803) 473-3818 
 Richard DuBose  (803) 435-8021  
(803) 460-4601 
 Terry McKay Home: (843) 346-5246
Cell: (843) 250-3328   
 Petey Granger (843) 858-5169 
 Haney Hancock
Home: (803) 432-5387
Cell: (803) 669-3500

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